Wall decoration

Wall decoration with Gypsum Art: decoration your wall in different styles with plaster reinforced products. Use the moulding trims, wall panels, wall frame to give style to your wall.


  • Moulding trims
    <p>Moulding trims in reinforced plaster</p>
  • Plaster Sconces
    <p>Illuminate your walls with a touch of elegance thanks to our plaster sconces. These delicately sculpted pieces transform any space into a design masterpiece. Ideal for enhancing your interiors, our sconces are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Each sconce is designed with meticulous attention to detail, guaranteeing soft lighting and refined aesthetics. Whether classic, modern or avant-garde in style, our plaster wall lights will complement any environment. Discover our collection and see how these unique pieces can transform your decor.</p>
  • Pilastres
  • Demi Colonnes
  • Bas Reliefs
  • Niches
  • Soubassement
  • Element 3D
  • Ornements
  • Stylobate
  • Console
  • Habillage de porte
  • Cheminee & Trumeau
  • Bibliotheque
  • Flush Mount
    <p>Discover the subtlety and discretion of our plaster flush-mount solutions. Designed to offer seamless integration of elements into your walls or ceilings, our flush-mount options combine aesthetics and functionality. Whether you want to install lighting fixtures, ornaments or any other flush-mounted element, our plaster products guarantee a smooth, seamless finish with no visible joints. Enjoy sleek design and simplified installation with our flush-mount solutions. Explore our range and discover how our plaster expertise can enhance your interiors.</p>
  • Medaillons
  • Encadrements
  • U Staff
  • Soffite
  • Equere
  • Appliques

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