• Ceiling decoration
    <p>Ceiling decoration with Gypsum Art, decorate your ceiling with cornices, moulding trims, ceiing roses...</p>
  • Wall decoration
    <p>Wall decoration with Gypsum Art: decoration your wall in different styles with plaster reinforced products. Use the moulding trims, wall panels, wall frame to give style to your wall.</p>
  • Decoration Items
    <p>Decorate your interior with a selection of decorative items. Reproduction of Louvres sculptures, original creation, columns... A selection of decorative items in Plaster to give style to your interior. </p>
  • Tools & Glue
    <p>Tools and Glue to setup and fix our products.</p>
  • Équerre, U Staff, Soffite
  • Style
  • Décoration pour le jardin

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